Book Review: War, politics, memory: The Napoleonic Wars and the First World War in the space of Anniversaries. Ed. by O.S. Porshneva (chief editor), N.N. Baranov, V.N. Zemtsov. M.: Politicheskaya enciklopediya, 2020

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About the authors

Sergey Vitalievich Kondratiev

Tyumen State University

Author for correspondence.

Dr. Hab. (History), Professor Department of Modern History and World Policy

Volodarsky str., 6, Tyumen, Russia, 625003

Tamara Nikolaevna Kondratieva

Tyumen State University


PhD (History), Associated Professor Department of Document Management and Document Supporting of Administration

Volodarsky str., 6, Tyumen, Russia, 625003


Copyright (c) 2021 Kondratiev S.V., Kondratieva T.N.

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