Iran’s position regarding the afghan military conflict in 1978-1979

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The author considers the position of Iran regarding the Afghan armed conflict (1978-1979) before the Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, as well as the consistent evolution of this position and the involvement of Iran in internal Afghan events. The author relies mainly on documentary sources, but also attracts scientific works in Russian and English (including the works of Iranian authors). According to the author, the analysis and study of Iran’s position on Afghanistan and the evolution of this position deserve a separate article because, firstly, the religious factor began to especially influence Iran’s foreign policy after the events of the Islamic Revolution of 1979; secondly, for the two years chosen for consideration in an article in Iran, the political regime has radically changed, and it is useful to consider the transformation of Iran’s foreign policy from the reign of the shah to the theocratic regime. In the first part of the article, the author analyzes the position of the Shah of the Iranian regime regarding the April Revolution of 1979 and the political changes that took place in Afghanistan after the revolution. The second part is devoted to the policy of Iran with respect to Afghanistan in 1979, and in this part the author argues that the Herat rebellion, which took place in March 1979, became the main trigger for transforming Iran’s attitude towards Afghanistan from a wait-and-see attitude to active involvement. The author also notes, that Iran’s policy towards Afghanistan in 1978-1979 developed sequentially, despite the radical transformation of power in Iran itself during this period.

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Taisiya Vladimirovna Rabush

St. Pererburg State University industrial technology and design

Author for correspondence.

candidate of sciences (history), associate professor department of social sciences

18, ul. Bol’shaja Morskaja, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 191186


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