Part orgeones in financing religious ceremonies in Attica IV century B.C. (according to epigraphy)

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The article is devoted to participation orgeones (religious communities) in the organization and financing of the research Institute of religious ceremonies in Athens IV century BC, the Primary source on this issue is epigraphic material - inscriptions, preserved on a marble stele dedicated to economic activities organov. These religious communities received from the Athenian policy the right to dispose of the sacred land, leased temple sites (Temenos) , and in some cases organized their sale, receiving a certain income. In addition, the bodies included wealthy citizens who made donations and sponsored the activities of the Association. These funds were used to organize the internal activities of the community, as well as to organize and Finance various religious ceremonies, which were held in the community and on the territory of the Athenian Polis.

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Elena V. Bulycheva

Russian State University for the Humanities

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PhD in Historical Sciences

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