Nation or muslim community. Islamic world in search of identity

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The article studies the ideology of nationalism and Islamism as factors in the self-identification of the Muslim East. The author notes that nationalism and Islamism are united by their opposition to Western culture and values, to the concept of globalization. They are a protective shield against Western socio-cultural and economic expansion. However, this common objective of both ideologies does not eliminate the inherent contradictions between Islamism and nationalism. Both state nationalism and Islamism are obsolete in a globalizing world. The future belongs to Neo-nationalism, which is a synthesis of ethnicity and self-identity, which manifests itself in the growth of ethnic consciousness, a desire for territorial and ethno-cultural autonomy, in the aspirations of political leaders, who advocate the preservation of identity and the simultaneous access to the global world.

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S Anatol'evich Voronin

Peoples Friendship University of Russia

Email: <>
Кафедра всеобщей истории; Российский университет дружбы народов; Peoples Friendship University of Russia


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