On Nonlinear Generalization of Yukawa Meson Theory of Nuclear Forces

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We consider a nonlinear generalization of the Yukawa meson theory of nuclear forces that belongs to the class of theories with the Lagrangians proposed by L. Shiff. Relying on this basis, we study nonlinear equations for a nuclear potential and dynamic equations for nuclear particles which contain one unknown function of this potential. To found it, we suggest a principle which implies the proportionality of the nuclear field potential to the potential energy of nucleons in the field. The found equations are applied to study the dynamics of nuclear particles moving under the simultaneous action of nuclear and electromagnetic forces. It is shown that in the case of sufficiently intensive interaction of nucleons, the suggested equations give the value 14.9 for the dimensionless constant of strong interaction close to the experimental value.

About the authors

A S Rabinowitch

Moscow State University of Instrument Construction and Informatics

Кафедра прикладной математики и информатики; Московский государственный университет приборостроения и информатики; Moscow State University of Instrument Construction and Informatics


Copyright (c) 2008 Рабинович А.С.

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