On the Structure of an Oscillating Neutrino. The StationaryTheory of Neutrino Oscillations

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The structure of the oscillating neutrino wave function is discussed in the context of the
stationary theory of neutrino oscillations. If one requires the superposition of neutrino states
with differing masses to be a solution of a single Dirac equation, then one can obtain the
equation for the oscillating neutrino mass. The problem of the fragmentation decay of an
oscillating neutrino to the incoherent mixture of neutrino mass states as well as the problem
of interaction of the incoherent neutrino mixture with neutrino detectors are also discussed.

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Yu S Kopysov

Institute of Nuclear Research of RAS

Institute of Nuclear Research of RAS


Copyright (c) 2008 Копысов Ю.С.

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