Modeling the Track Formation in Amorphous Iron Alloys Exposed to High-Energy Heavy Ions

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Nonlinear waves in liquid with gas bubbles are investigated taken into account liquid viscosity and compressibility and inter phase heat transfer. The nonlinear differential equation for long weakly nonlinear waves is obtained with the help of the reductive perturbation method. At the derivation of the equation higher order corrections in the asymptotic expansion are taken into account. This equation is the generalization of the Burgers equation and describes nonlinear waves in a liquid with gas bubbles in the case of dissipation main influence. The normal form is constructed for the equation with the help of the near-identity transformations. It is shown that the normal form equation is integrable under certain condition on parameters. In this case the equation for nonlinear waves is the second member of the Burgers hierarchy. Exact solution in the form of kink is obtained in the general case. Dependence of this solution on physical parameters is investigated. It is shown that the amplitude of this exact solution decreases when the bubbles radius in the unperturbed state and the liquid viscosity increase.

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N A Kudryashov

National Research Nuclear University MEPHI


D I Sinelshchikov

National Research Nuclear University MEPHI



Copyright (c) 2014 Кудряшов Н.А., Синельщиков Д.И.

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