End of the General Relativity

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The Einstein–Cartan theory as a natural generalization of the General Relativity is proposed. The cosmological term is connected with string additions for de Sitter world having Planck density before the Big Bang. Is proposed that this world was having the Lemaitre atom form with mass of modern Methagalaxy mass and the diameter 10 −13 cm. We propose that the Big Ban is the result of the transforming of the topological energetical string modes into oscillations one. The hypothesis of Fridmon particles as particles of dark matter with masses near one billion GeV and corresponding to dualized weak interaction symmetry group is proposed.

About the authors

R F Polishchuk

Astronomical Space Centre of the Lebedev Physics Institute

Email: rpol@asc.rssi.ru


Copyright (c) 2013 Полищук Р.Ф.

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