Tesla Energy Space for Mie–Schwinger Continuous Electron

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Tesla reading of electricity through invisible energy ether between visible bodies corresponds to the found radial solution for a continuous source. The Mie–Schwinger distributed electron extends over the very structure of its Coulomb radial field. The electric charge is not a basic concept of Maxwell-Tesla electrodynamics but is the field energy distribution under the unified, non-dual approach to matter-energy in the nonempty world space. Electric self-energy of such a unified nonlocal carrier is finite despite the latter fills the infinite Universe with Tesla material ether everywhere (without empty space regions). Maxwell’s equations can describe both local balances of electric self-energy currents and nonlocal Tesla resonances within the global world overlap of moving continuous carriers of energy. Material Tesla space for overlapping electric energy sources in Maxwell’s equations calls for radial mass-energy sources in the Einstein equation.

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I E Bulyzhenkov

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Lebedev Physical Institute RAS

Email: inter@mipt.ru


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