Analysis of Electrical Turbulence Characteristics in Thunderstorm Clouds

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It has been performed the numerical analysis of structure functions for an electric turbulence in thunderstorm clouds by usage of experimental data on altitude profile of the electric field vertical component. Numerical calculations of the structure functions were performed and inertial intervals of electric turbulence were detected in the small scales range and the middle scale one. Scaling exponents, Herst index, the curtosis were determined. The structure functions behaviour has explained by the presence of intermittency and coherent structures which influence on scaling exponents magnitudes. It has been shown that for data considered the generalized scale invariability (GSI) of electric turbulence is observing and GSI scaling exponent has been calculated. Results obtained are of the great interest for following investigations of intense atmospheric vortices charged subsystems contribution to the hydrodynamical helicity generation and vortices dynamics including tropical cyclones formation.

About the authors

I A Krasnova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


N S Erokhin

Space Research Institute of RAS

Department of Cosmogeophysics

L A Mikhailovskaya

Space Research Institute of RAS

Department of Cosmogeophysics


Copyright (c) 2013 Краснова И.А., Ерохин Н.С., Михайловская Л.А.

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