Elements of Gestalteconomy. Part 2

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In this article proceeds with consideration of a problem of a global trend of development of world economy and its management. The productive role of a constructive labour, energy and knowledge and their influence on world economy is underlined. Connection and difference between the thermodynamic system which condition is characterized by entropy, and the economic system characterized, including, by the negentropy is established. The interrelation between the negentropy and the information and knowledge is considered. To maintain and continue its development, mankind must go from unlimited use of limited natural resources to the use of an unlimited resource - our knowledge and skills. It is stated that the development of the exchange of information and knowledge will significantly reduce the cost of limited natural resources. And adding of the knowledge used into the integral cost of production ensures long-term conservation of all natural resources, instead of maximizing short-term income of the minority. When implementing such a paradigm the humanity could go from the method of operation, based on the strategies of conflict in conditions of shortage, to the management and operation under conditions of excess.

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A Mäısseu

World Council of Nuclear Workers (WONUC)

Email: a.maisseu@bluewin.ch
49 rue Lauriston, Paris, France, 75116


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