Properties of Titanium Dioxide Films with Metallic Nanoparticles

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The physicochemical properties of titanium dioxide thin films prepared by the gel technology, doped with gold nanoparticles, were investigated. The differences betweentechnologies for the synthesis of titanium dioxide were compared. It is experimentally shown that the developed gel technology allows to get almost 100% phase of nanostructured anatase that was confirmed by high-resolution microscopy and X-ray results. The topography and morphology of the films samples were investigated. The photoactivity of the synthesized films was studied by EPR spectroscopy. It is shown that the photoactivity of the films is increased by the UV irradiation. Titanium dioxide was modified by nanoparticles of gold with various concentrations. Has been investigated the depending of the ratio of the solution components in the manufacture of gel films, as well as of the annealing temperature of their formation on transmission spectra. It is shown that the absorption spectra depend significantly on the parameters of the technology. A study of the absorption spectra of titanium dioxide films containing gold nanoparticles showed significant changes in the spectra, exactly, there is an additional absorption peaks of varying intensity and the observed shift in the passband region. These changes are caused, presumably, by changes of the film structure, and the aggregation of gold nanoparticles. Studies have shown the prospects of the gel method for the synthesis of titanium dioxide and its modification of nanoparticles.

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S A Aliev

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


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