IVC Calculation Problem for Josephson Junction Stacks.On Asymptotic Construction near the Breakpoint

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Solving the system of essentially nonlinear differential equations for different we obtain thecurrent-voltage characteristics (IVC) for a system of Josephson junctions (JJ) as a hysteresisloop. When the current approaches on the back way the breakpoint the voltage ()falls sharply to zero. In addition, in numerical modelling (non-periodic boundary conditions(NPBC)) IVC multiple branching is observed near . It is interesting to study this phenomenonanalytically developing asymptotic methods. There had been developed simple “asymptotic”formulas suitable for calculation of all IVC points except near to . A numerical-analyticalmethod allowing to shorten IVC calculation time essentially was proposed. This method showedgood results in IVC multiple branching calculation in particular. All calculations were performedusing the REDUCE system. We succeeded first to calculate analytically all points of IVC. Anapproximate solution at the breakpoint region (periodic boundary conditions (PBC)) has beendeveloped using the Bogolyubov-Krylov method.

S I Serdyukova

Principal contact for editorial correspondence.
Laboratory of Information Technologies Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 6 Joliot-Curie str., Dubna, Moscow region, 141980, Russian Federation

Serdyukova S. I. - professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of Scientific Department of Computational Physics of Information Technology Laboratory of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

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