Children's View of the World as Self-Presentation Form in Autobiographical Prose of the turn of the XX-XXI centuries

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The question of a variety of forms of self-presentation in the artistic text is taken up, various elements of this phenomenon are considered on the material of autobiographical stories by L.E. Miller. Scientific novelty consists in original approach to the solution of a question of forms of language self-presentation in modern memoirs literature. The author reveals a new element of self-presentation in autobiographical prose - a children's view of the world, and also allocates four types of this phenomenon. The detailed analysis of the fragments of the text given as an example for each type is presented in article. Use of a children's view of the world as a form of self-presentation helps the writer to open the lines of his personality more deeply, to track ways of their formation. Article is useful to further studying and identification of new forms of self-presentation in an autobiographical discourse.

About the authors

Polina A Shcherbinina

Vitebsk state university named after P.M. Masherov



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