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  • Authors: Kozmenko O.P.1, Nemykina I.N.1
  • Affiliations:
    1. Moscow State Humanitarian University n.a. M.A. Sholokhov
  • Issue: No 2 (2015)
  • Pages: 86-96
  • Section: ARTICLES
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  • Retraction date: 05.12.2022
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    The retraction of the publication is due to the identification of duplication of the publication: Kozmenko, O.P., Nemykina, I.N. "Cultural traditions and musical education in Russia at the turn of the century." Sovremennyye problemy nauki i obrazovaniya, no. 1-1 (2015): 86-96.

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The article is devoted to the main problems and perspectives in modern culture and musical education in Russia on the threshold of the 20-21 st centuries, emphasizing visible contradictions and connection between them, ways of their solution and practical realization in the sphere of musical education. The content of education is constantly updated thanks to the cultural heritage of different countries and peoples; industries are constantly evolving science, as well as life and the practical experience of the person. Thorough theoretical analysis pointed out the necessity of structural and contents reconstruction in the work of institutions of musical education, both professional and non-professional. The focus should be on preserving the long-time cultivation and experience of Russian classic academic musical tradition, on the one hand. On the other hand, musical education in the present-day Russia should develop in accordance with the main trends of the social-cultural realities and cultural policy. Musical education is the inseparable part of general education, and institutions of musical education feel responsibility in training a new generation of teachers who can cope with the task of educating a new generation within the changing realities of the contemporary world.

About the authors

Olga Petrovna Kozmenko

Moscow State Humanitarian University n.a. M.A. Sholokhov

Department of Musical Performance

Irina Nikolaevna Nemykina

Moscow State Humanitarian University n.a. M.A. Sholokhov

Department of Culture Studies and Methodology of Music Education


Copyright (c) 2015 Козьменко О.П., Немыкина И.Н.

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