No 1 (2008)


Russia and the European Union: What's in the Future?

Guichard J.


The article treats the opportunity of close political and economic co-operation between Russia and the European Union. The author concludes that geopolitical consequences of this collaboration would give strong impetus to economic and political power of Russia and the European Union and at the same time greatly weken USA's positions in the modern world.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Modern Trends in Socio-Economic Development of Arabian Countries

Goussakov N.P., Shkvarya L.V.


The article is devoted to analysis of the present economic situation and peculiarity of Arabian countries during the second half of the 1990 and the beginning of the XIX-th century. The authors showed weary important role of inter-arab cooperation in achievement of socio-economic development in Arab countries. This research is needed for developing a practice of economic integration not only in Arab society, but in other regions too.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):12-22
pages 12-22 views

The Space Organisation of World Manufactoring Industry in the Beginning of XXI Century: Methodology and Methodics of Analysis

Gorkin A.P.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the situation in manufacturing in the global economy.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):23-31
pages 23-31 views

The Directions Of The Integration Of Russia To The Global Economy: The Development Of Tourism Business

Iloyan E.R.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the situation in Russian tourism in post-industrial society. The development of tourism business in our country characterize as one of the directions of integration of Russia to the global economy.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):32-43
pages 32-43 views

The System of Indicators of International Production

Volgina N.A.


The article attempts to elaborate a system of indicators to estimate scale and scope as well as dynamics of international production. The article distinguishes three sets of indicators which include: numbers of TNCs and their foreign affiliates; flows and stock of inward and outward foreign direct investment; activities of foreign affiliates, such as total assets, sales, exports and employment. Taking into account this system of indicators the author comes to a conclusion that in present time international production is a significant and growing phenomenon of world economy.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):44-59
pages 44-59 views

World System of Metacorporations in the Process of Economic Globalisation

Zhilkina Y.V.


After the termination of cold war мироустройство it is replaced by new international system - globalization, i.e. integration of the markets, the finance, technologies, a cultural exchange, etc. Globalization influences internal policy and economy on all countries, and also on their foreign policy. The main feature of globalization is speed - in trade, movement, in communications, innovations and their promotion on the market. Such motive power technologies are a computerization, miniaturization, satellite communications, fiber optics and Internet.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):60-70
pages 60-70 views

Foreign Activity of National Companies: Prospects and Analysis

Mergaliyeva L.I.


This article is about National Companies functions in world economy, how National Companies can be effective, useful and important. Saudi Aramco, NIOC, INOC, KOC, Pdvsa, Gazprom and CNPC spread activity far from the board of state in order to develop and increase energy reserves and play big role on world market.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):71-78
pages 71-78 views

China Energy Strategy

Seletskis Y.Y.


The article examines the current state of Chine's fuel and energy complex. The article underlines the idea that now Chine's energy sector is coal in general. It causes many ecological problems and Chine's government tries to find solutions to these problems and it sees it in creating new atomic power-stations. Also it estimates the biggest oilfields and state oil and gas companies in China. It's disclosed a role of forming Chine's power grid which is to provide uniformity and stability of supply of electricity to different regions of the country. Special attention has been paid to international co-operation in energy field including Russia.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):79-91
pages 79-91 views

The approaches to shadow economy evaluation

Konyaeva А.А.


The article is devoted to the analysis of existed methods of the shadow economy development evaluation. The present problem plays very important role in this phenomenon' core scrutiny. The substantial growth of the black economy and its shapes mutation has stipulated the necessity of potential methods of its appreciation. This article is aimed to consider the approaches to the shadow economy share estimating, discovery of the methods pros and cons due to their comparison, specify the criteria of systematics forming.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):92-100
pages 92-100 views

The International Experience of Participation of the Statein Financing System of Higher Education

Rostovskiy R.V.


In article are considered approaches of foreign countries in questions of participation of the state in financing an education system. Experience of five economically developed states is studied Norway, the USA, New Zealand, Japan and the Great Britain. Principles of financing of educational systems, dynamics of a parity of the state and involved means as at a macrolevel (a level of an education system as a whole), and at a microlevel (a level of separate universities) come to light.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):101-110
pages 101-110 views

Advantages and Disadvantages of Project Finance for Investment Projects Implementation

Glavatskikh A.A.


The subject of this article is project finance, one of the tolls to implement investment projects. The content of the article is following: the project finance definition, its main advantages and disadvantages, the comparison between corporate finance and project finance, global project finance volume data, regional, national and sector analysis and the author's assumptions about the project finance prospects in a corporate investment process.
RUDN Journal of Economics. 2008;(1):111-118
pages 111-118 views

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