«Memoirs for the Training of the Dauphin» of Louis XIV: Historical Document and «Pedagogical Tools»

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The article is devoted to the study of the literary heritage of king Louis XIV. Analyzing the "Memoirs for the education of the Dauphin", "Reflections on the craft of the king" and "Advice to the Duke of Anjou" of Louis XIV, the author presents them as "pedagogical tools" of the monarch, classifying the contents of the memoir works of the king on several conventional subject headings: 1) opinion about the place of the ruler in society, about the difficulties of "king’s metier ", about the authority of the Royal power; 2) tips for building relationships with people who are in submission; 3) reflections on work and motivation for it, about diligence, perseverance and discipline; 4) General remarks about the idea of a person about himself, about moral values. For each of the headings, quotes in the original author's translation into Russian are selected, the justification of their expediency in modern socio-cultural conditions is given. The relevance of the ideas expressed by Louis XIV in his literary heritage is confirmed by their similarity to the well-known educational concepts of recent time.

About the authors

Nataliya V. Korchagina

Saratov State University Institute of arts

Author for correspondence.
Email: knv-piano@mail.ru
Zauloshnova str., 5, Saratov, 410028, Russia

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor at the Institute of art


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