Beirut under Russian rule. Part 2. The siege and the occupation (1773-1774)

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During the Russian-Ottoman war of 1768-1774 Russia became the first European country that invaded Middle East in the Modern times and even for the short period occupied its part: the town of Beirut. The events that preceded the assault and capture of the town were fixed by the local chroniclers and Russian officers; as well they were reflected in the messages of Arab rulers and the reports of the diplomats residing in Syria. As a result the volumetric picture of the society is emerging that for the first time faced the colonial expansion of the modernized Europe. The second part of presented article presents the picture of life of the town during the siege of 1773 and its following Russian troops’ occupation, that at first indeed took place, and then imaginary. Special attention is paid to the changes in the system of co-existence of different ethno-religious communities of Beirut.

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Taras Y. Kobishchanov

Institute of Asian and African Studies (IAAS), Moscow State University (MSU)

Author for correspondence.
11 Mohovaya St., Moscow, 125009, Russia

Assistant Professor at the Chair of History of the Near and Middle East’ Countries, Institute of Asian and African Studies (IAAS)


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