The author reveals the basic provisions of the ideology of the “Third Position” in the Indonesian political leadership model. By the end of the 50’s Sukarno completed the formation of the doctrine of the “Third Position “. Analyzing the current political model, Sukarno appealed to the identity, rejecting capitalism that generates colonialism and fascism. He rejected, first of all, the very psychological foundation of liberal capitalism - individualism, the guiding to the competition and struggle, and therefore unacceptable to Indonesia concept of “Third Position”. Sukarno meant building a socio-economic model of traditional, patriarchal and egalitarian society based on the principle of community solidarity and mutual assistance. The main element of the social model, according to Sukarno thought, was the family as the center of solidarity, led by the patriarch, the head of the family. The principle of family has been moved Sukarno all Indonesian society. Sukarno himself became father of the nation, to decide for all, in the name of all. The thesis of this period “The main thing in our democracy is a governance ‘’

S Anatol'evich Voronin

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