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The article is devoted to the analyses of the Chinese modernization specifics. The author analyses a ‘socialistic modernization’ as a multi-level concept which should be analyzed at the theoretical (methodology) level, as well as at the political program level and at the practical implementation level. This approach allows the author to examine the Chinese modernization model which includes the features of socialism with Chinese specifics (based on the Marxism theory), economical determinism (based on the concept of the empirical approach) and as well the traditional influence of the Confucius ideas (like the ‘xiao kang’, idea of the ‘small welfare society’). The western technology of state reformation and modernization completes the ‘Chinese modernization’ model with the principles of capitalism and transforms this model into the modernization of the unique type.

V А Sizikova

Volkswagen Bank RUS

Operational, market and fraud risks management office


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