Contents. Vol 15, No 4


Analysis and design of building structures

Belostosky A.M., Akimov P.A., Dmitriev D.S., Pavlov A.S., Dyadchenko Y.N., Nagibovich  A.I. Numerical analysis of mechanical safety parameters of Congress Hall building in Chelyabinsk

Kolchunov Vl.I., Demyanov A.I., Naumov N.V.  Theory of “dissolution” and “condensation” of the physical geometric characteristics of an arbitrary cross-section under the action of torsion with bending.

Pyatikrestovsky K.P. Criteria of strength of walls from large masonry blocks.

 Lebed E.V. Changing stressed state framework of the metal ribbed-ring dome in the installation process.


Theory of Thin Elastic Shells

Kosytsyn S.B., Akulich V.Y.  The definition of the critical buckling load beam model and two-dimensional model of the round cylindrical shell that interact with the soil

Mamieva I.A. Influence of the geometrical researches of ruled surfaces on design of unique structures.

 Gbaguidi-Aisse G.L. Influence of the geometrical researches of surfaces of revolution and translation surfaces on design of unique structures.


Numerical methods of analysis of structures

Klochkov Y.V., Nikolaev A.P., Vakhnina O.V., Klochkov M.Yu.  Variants of determining correlations of deformation theory of plasticity in the calculation of shell of rotation on the basis of MKE.

 Polyakova L.S., Andreev V.I. Solution of the axisymmetric problem of thermoelasticity of a radially inhomogeneous cylindrical shell numerical-analytical method and the finite element method.


Dynamics of structures and buildings

Lyapichev Yu.P. Methods of analysis and risk assessment of accidents of hydraulic structures.



Posted: 29.08.2019
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