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Danilchenko, Т Yu, <p>Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts</p>
Danilov, A N, <p>Belarusian State University</p>
Danilov, А N, Belarusian State University
Davydenkova, E S, <p>Peoples&rsquo; Friendship University of Russia</p>
Davydenkova, E S, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Davydov, V N, <p>RUDN University</p>
Davydova, A V, <p>Peoples&rsquo; Friendship University of Russia</p>
Davydova, A V, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
DeFrain, J, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dementieva, I F, <p>Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education of the Russian Academy of Education</p>
Dementieva, I F, <p>Institute of Sociology Russian Academy of Sciences</p>
Demidova, I I, <p>Peoples&rsquo; Friendship University of Russia</p>
Deriugin, P P, <p>Saint-Petersburg State University</p>
Deviatko, I F, <p>National Research University Higher School of Economics; Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS</p>
Didkovskaya, Ya V, <p>Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin</p>
Díez Nicolás, J, Complutense University of Madrid
Díez-Nicolás, J, <p>Universidad Europea de Madrid</p>
Dimaev, A R, <p>Russian Academy of Public administrationunder the President of Russian Federation</p>
Dimitriević, S, University in Nis
Dobrinskaya, D E, <p>Lomonosov Moscow State University</p>
Dobrolyubova, E I, <p>Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration</p>
Dolgorukova, I V, <p>Russian State Social University</p>
Dosanova, M G, <p>L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University</p>
Dovbysh, E G, <p>Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences</p>
Dridze, T M
Drobizheva, L M, <p>Center of Interethnic ResearchInstitute of Sociology with Russian Academy of Science</p>
Dudnik, A S, <p>Peoples&rsquo; Friendship University of Russia</p>
Dudnik, A S, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Duque Posada, F, <p>National Institute for the deaf</p>
Dzhanteev, T H, <p>Academy of Management Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia</p>