The Hollywood Educational Work: Welcome to Zombieland (Ruben Fleischer, 2009)

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In the public discourse, cinematic views on the analysis of movies traditionally prevail. The author suggests another approach: in the course of the experiment aimed to reveal the audience's perception of the film „Welcome to Zombieland the author discovers an atypical interpretation of this horror film as an instrument of educating the young generation, those features of the ideological message of the film that can transform any genre into, it would seem, its complete opposite - a collection of contemporary society norms and behavior patterns. The main conclusion of the article is that the perception of a film is a complex social action which always goes beyond any cinematic interpretations.

About the authors

Dmitry M Rogozin

National Research University - Higher School of Economics

Author for correspondence.

Кафедра наук о культуре; Национальный исследовательский университет -Высшая школа экономики; National Research University - Higher School of Economics


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Copyright (c) 2011 Rogozin

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