Presentation of the Subject of State Power as an Element of Developing Managerial Discourse

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The article considers some issues connected with the formation and development of managerial discourse at the present stage. The material used by the author was the RF President’s Address to the RF Federal Assembly in 2012 in comparison with the CPSU CC Political report to the XXVII party congress. Discourse, as a unit of communication, has content and the form in which it is expressed. This is why the author analyzes both the information component, and the means of objectification of different types of information, as well as those pragmatic tasks which can be solved with the help a concrete choice from the possibilities and variants offered by the language.

About the authors

S A Shilina

Bryansk state university named after academician I.G. Petrovsky

Chair of Sociology, Advertising and Public Relations




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PDF (Russian) - 55


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