On Semantic “Quantization” on a Word Level (basing on A.S. Pushkin language usage)

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A word in A. Pushkin language can be characterized as multidimensional, endless in its manifestations - it is penetrated with mental associations. The novel nature of the analysis lies within the description of a semantic fragment of the classic poet's language aimed at settling semantic laws common to the breakdowns of semantic epochs. The academic value of the research based on language units with a strong semantic reference to a 'Poet', is seen in attempting to understand A. Pushkin's changing attitude to a language sign. To express the range of sense it needs new forms of semantic “quantization”. The specificity of a poetic word is intensity; compactness of its contents can be correlated with information compression. The investigating material helps us to conclude that a word in the language of a poet demonstrates its symbolic nature, the image is above the concept, and a word demonstrates its potential predication correlating with the whole text.

About the authors

S N Perevolochanskaya

Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Email: perevolochanskaja@yandex.ru




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