The writer' s metalinguistic commentary and its role in text perception (exemplified by Russian XIX century literature)


The article concerns all types of metalinguistic commentary given by the authors of Russian literature of the XIX century. The metalinguistic commentary makes the text understanding easier. The aim of this article is to analyze the metalinguistic methods of entry the foreign language inclusion, ideologemes, which are important for understanding the authors position and view of the world. The research shows all types of metalinguistic commentary which were defined based on different factors, namely according with the language used for translating the lexical unit; the sphere of usage; the authors semantization as well as defining the lexical unit type and his attitude to it. The article demonstrates the perspective of research, which means the comparison of the texts of different style, regarding the metalinguistic commentary in usage of sociolects, the analyses of the type of foreign language in the bilingual writers.

O V Lomakina
St. Tikhon's Orthodox University Ilovajskaya str., 9, Moskow, Russia, 109451

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