Medicinal herb names in the Kazakh language from the origin viewpoint

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The article is devoted to the study of medicinal herbal plant names in the Kazakh language. The aim of the article is to research medicinal herbal plant names in Kazakh from the origin viewpoint. At the beginning of the article there is a brief description of the works of the Kazakhstan scientists who investigated various aspects of phytonymic vocabulary and there are the researchers’ opinions regarding the Mongolian, Arab and Persian borrowings. The research material was only taken by selection way from the etymological, explanatory, bilingual and trilingual dictionaries. The etymological and comparative methods were used in the work. During the etymological analysis the author has revealed the origin of the Kazakh phytonyms and drawn parallels with the ancient Turkic, Arabian, Persian and Mongolian names of medicinal herbs considering the alternative points of view on their origin. The etymological characteristics of the Kazakh names of medicinal herbal plants show the cultural and historical ties of peoples since ancient times.

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Zh M Omasheva

Karaganda State Medical University

32, Erubayeva st., Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 1000008




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