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Dear readers! This issue is dedicated to Professor Valentina Avraamovna Maslova, the talented Belarusian scientist, the founder of Belarusian school of cultural linguistics. It contains articles of her colleagues, apprentices, young scientists. Valentina Avraamovna’s scientific works are well-known not only in her native country Belarus, but also abroad. She is the author of more than 40 monographs, textbooks and manuals. She is the academic adviser of postgraduate and doctoral students. Valentina Avraamovna is always vigorous, ironical, sometimes sarcastic, full of new ideas, persistent in their realization, outgoing, open, can understand and accept a different point of view and at the same time firm when she feels certain about something. The combination of flexibility and persistency, outstanding capacity to work, bright talent bring great results: Doctor of Philology, Professor V.A. Maslova is a brilliant modern scientist working in the sphere of cultural and cognitive linguistics. We wish you further creative success, dear Valentina Avraamovna! Yours sincerely, V.M. Shaklein, Editor-in-Chief

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