Homily of 18th - early 19th century as source of science about vital values of a Russian cleric

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The article considers the value aspects of the gospels of the 18th century. It demonstrates the real importance of the heritage of the major Russian theologians for understanding of the basic value focus of the national culture. To achieve this, the article analyses the ideas of labour, wealth and poverty, «personal benefit» and «public welfare», the balance between theonomy and autonomy, «eternity» and everyday life.

A I Yesukov

Severodvinsk DepartmentM.V. Lomonosov` Pomor State University

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Кафедра философии и культурологии; Северодвинский филиалПоморского государственного университета им. М.В. Ломоносова; Severodvinsk DepartmentM.V. Lomonosov` Pomor State University


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