Siberian yasak population census the first half 19th century (new materials)

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In the article forms and registration methods of yasak-payers from among Siberia indigenous peoples are investigated, the moments of principal changes in state render policy are observed caused by process of going deep integration of Siberian «foreigners» in social and economic system of the Russian empire. For the first time, on the basis of the archival materials analysis, the events connected with attempt of carrying out of large-scale yasak population census undertaken in 1746-1753 are reconstructed. The Author comes to a conclusion this very action promoted development of basic ideas by which Catherine II government subsequently was guided at carrying out of the first yasak reforms of 1763-1769.

A Y Konev

Branch «Tobolsk industrial institute»of the «Tyumen state oil-gas university»

Branch «Tobolsk industrial institute»of the «Tyumen state oil-gas university»


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