A comparative analysis of experience in the development of rental housing markets in countries with a large share of home ownership

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The article analyzed the state policy for the development of rental housing. Countries were selected according to the following criterion: with a large share of housing in the property. The policy on the development of rental housing in the following countries is analyzed: Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Spain. Despite the statements of politicians in these countries about the interest in a civilized approach to the rental market, state projects are mostly experimental in nature and the share of investments in building social housing is very small. In a number of countries, attempts have been made to form long-term holistic concepts for the development of the rental housing market.

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Nadejda V Abramova

National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

Author for correspondence.
Email: nabramova@hse.ru
20 Myasnitskaya St., Moscow, Russia, 101000



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