Visual Perception of Differently Shaped and Colored Stimuli

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The results of the experimental research of visual perception of differently shaped and colored stimuli have been described in the article. The main goal of the experiment was to identify a combination of visual modules, employed in recognizing the stimuli. The desired aim was achieved by building a spherical model of the stimuli and interpreting its formal and contensive properties in terms of vector approach. It has been observed that recognizing complex stimuli is realized as a multichannel network with a specific combination of graphic and color two-channel modules, modeled in the form of a multidimentional sphere.

About the authors

Yu A Chudina

National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute»

Laboratory of Physical Correctional Methods of Neurocognitive Processes

D A Shlyakhta

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Chair of Social and Differential Psychology




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PDF (Russian) - 68


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