Image Field of Ship: a Cultural Phenomenon of Western-European Literature

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The article is devoted to the analysis of such a cultural phenomenon of the Western-European literature as the mythopoetic image of Ship. An important part of Western-European literature, with the course of time Ship has transformed into its topoi. The article gives the analysis of the use of such terms as ‘topoi’ and ‘image field’ in connection with the image of Ship; it introduces two new terms which reveal a unique character of the image content and peculiarities of its functioning in literature - ‘generative image field’ and ‘topoi-gene’; it also represents the components constituting the image field of Ship.

About the authors

Inna S. Makarova

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (technical university)

Author for correspondence.
6-8, 7th Krasnoarmeyskaya, St. Petersburg, 644014, Russian Federation

Candidate of Philological sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages


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