Origins of Modern Adyghe (North Caucasian) Literary Bilingualism (To the 225th Anniversary of the Birth of Shora Nogmov)

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The problem of interaction between the Adyghe and Russian cultures is discussed in the article. For the first time, the authors attempted to study the “History of Adyghe People” by Sh. Nogmov in the framework of the Karamzin ideology of the “History of Russian State”. The issue of interdependence of Russian and North Caucasian cultures in the context of the actualization of the problems of the modern bilingualism and globalization is also studied.

About the authors

Yuriy M. Thagazitov

Kabardian-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.
18 Pushkin str., Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, 360000, Russian Federation

Leading Researcher of the Sector of Kabardino-Circassian Literature, Doctor of Philology

Almira M. Kazieva

Pyatigorsk State University

9 Kalinin str., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region, 357503, Russian Federation

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Pyatigorsk State University


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Copyright (c) 2019 Thagazitov Y.M., Kazieva A.M.

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