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Dear Authors, Readers and Experts! Our journal continues its history with a new title: “Polylinguality and Transcultural practices”. We are still striving for a scientific understanding of the language climate in Russia and the CIS. Biand polylingualism, bilingual education, intercultural communication, translingual practices are the priority directions of our editorial board. By polylinguality (the term was proposed by Y. Lotman in the fundamental work “Inside the Thinking Worlds”), we understand the quality of modern culture, which does not have a specific “frozen” form. It is a fluid adaptation of multiple linguistic (and extralinguistic) pictures of the world, transforming the global semiosphere. According to H.-G. Gadamer, “here-the being of the world is the being of the language”. And these languages are not always verbal. Cinematography and painting, dance, and architecture are all “languages” within which we exist: they are intertwined, semiotically flexible, mutually permeable, and crystallized by the language. This is polylinguality: molecular DNA “convolution”, ascending culture spiral, Pasternak’s “crosses”. Read the article of E.F. Shafranskaya - literary analysis of the transcultural text about the fate of the poet Rudaki. Find out how the culture modifies the seemingly stable elements of the linguistic system, such as, for example, appeals/ adress (on the example of the Hong Kong English). Learn more about the influence of business English on the mentality of modern Russian people. You will be convinced: we historically live in the zone of “cross-pollination” of cultures, as S. Rushdie would say. The main thing - not in the zone of crossfire.

V P Sinyachkin

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

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U M Bakhtikreeva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

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