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Dear readers! In the first issue of this year, the hypothesis of O.O. Suleimenov about the prehistory of mankind and the origin of languages was presented. Today we continue the discussion, offering you various and even polar opinions of experts. For instance, in the archival manuscript by S.J. Preobrazhenskij sounds the idea of “imaginary philology” (by analogy with “imaginary geometry” of Lobachevsky), which is able to expand the horizons of understanding of age-old scientific problems by the power of poetic insights and linguistic intuition. We’ve received the detailed responses to this issue from Doctor of Philology., prof. M. Dzhusupov, and Doctor of Philology, prof. E.A. Krasina. The scientists present reasoned, rational points of view on the proclaimed concept. The rubric “Arsenal” offers you materials on the educational and extracurricular activity of students. Authors of the “Literary Dimension” deepen knowledge about the work of the outstanding bilingual writers Ch. Aitmatov and K. Natho. From this issue our journal will be published under a new title: “Polylinguality and Transcultural Practices”. We strive to make it niche in the philological segment of Russian humanities, focusing on the problems of multilingualism, translingualism and transculturation both in the Russian society and abroad. To date, polylinguality (the term that incorporates the semantic components of the above-mentioned aspects) is one of the most topical trends in world science. It is actively developed by researchers of the largest scientific centers and attracts the attention of a broad scientific community. The new title of the series is intended to clearly identify the thematic policy of the journal and draw the attention of potential authors and readers to the problems of interaction of languages and cultures in a multicultural society. In particular, preference will be given to the unique, non-borrowed experience of the Russian multinational society, the comprehension and description of Russian bi-, poly-, translingualism, intercultural communication, acculturation and transculturation. The main purpose of the journal will be supported by an updated editorial staff. We are still open to cooperation and joint solutions of important scientific problems.

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Vladimir P Sinyachkin

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Professor Dr.

Uldanai M Bakhtikireeva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Professor Dr.




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