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The article is devoted to one of the central problems of modern anthropocentric linguistics. Theoretical understanding of linguistic persona can become a key to a transcultural text itself and to the specific features of Author’s worldview reflected in speech. In Linguistics there are still disputes about what kind of lingua-cultural identity a non-native speaker has, whether his lingua-cultural identity changes if he/she uses several languages. We make an attempt to analyze the texts by language personalities belonging to transcultural writers of Chinese descent living and working in the USA. We’ve concluded that fiction (and the reflections of Chinese culture in it) is under the influence of a number of individual characteristics of a writer’s language personality, such as: type and degree of bilingualism, place of birth, environment of upbringing, education, sex, years of life and work, etc.

About the authors

T A Lupachyova

Far Eastern Federal University

Author for correspondence.
Sukhanova str., 8, Vladivostok, Russia 690091

Lupachyova Tatiana Alexandrovna is a Candidate in Philology at the Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication of Far-East State University.


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