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The relationship between the concepts “text” and “discourse” is significant for linguodidactics. Conclusions of this paper are based on the material of our pedagogical practice and many years of teaching experience. As a result of the analysis, we propose to consider the formation of the educational discourse, the mastery of a foreign language as a discoursive process, and the result of learning activity as creating a “secondary” discourse and a “secondary” text for students.

About the authors

I V Odintsova

Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov

Author for correspondence.
Email: odintsova.irina@gmail.com
Leninskie Gory, MSU, 1-y uchebnyi korpus, Moscow, Russia, 119991

Odintsova Irina Vladimirovna is a Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor at the Department of Russian language for foreign students, Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov.


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