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On an advanced level (2 certification level) the main role is devoted to formation of students` major abilities and skills. The exam is to be reasonably separated in two parts: an academic-professional control and general ability to speak Russian. In the first part of the examination attention should be paid to students` ability to build a morphological statement in professional (medical) area: talk about etiology, clinical picture, diagnosis and a disease treatment, prove the effectiveness of using a drug to treat a disease, describe a clinical practice. In the second part of the examination a dialogue is to be suggested on a chosen topic to express personal point of view on a given subject. Such examination structure allows to control all students` abilities and skills that have formed throughout 5 years of studies. In order to prepare students for the examination varied tutorial books have been created on each specialization (“Medicine”, “Stomatology”, “Pharmacy”) taking into account their specific. These tutorial materials offer demo version examination texts, structure of provement and grammar models used as well as explanation plan of a clinical practice. In addition there are templates of the main types of dialogical unities, language group needed for a monologue on speaking ability is also provided. In the attachment there is a plan which allows to make student familiar with the exam ticket structure as well as a text plan sample on a speciality, provement sample and it`s arguments contained in texts` demo versions. Such exam structure enables us to control all range of students` abilities and skills: reading, text analyzing, ability to make a plan, monologic statement, evidence of personal point of view and ability to talk argumentatively.

O G Glazova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


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