Ethnoterritorial Conflicts in the Modern World: the International Aspect

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In the article are considered the changes of the international environment of ethnopolitical conflicts in the modern world and factor of globalization directly influencing them. The author points at low efficiency of mechanisms of regulation of the modern conflicts, both at state level, and at level of international relations. It is thus underlined that the problem of harmonization of ethnic relations within the modern states and relations of the last among themselves is extremely actual. The state as the institute and the form of social self-organization should find its new place and define its new role because of inevitable influence of globalization processes.

About the authors

R V Asriev

Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Кафедра внешней политики и международных отношений; Дипломатическая академия Министерства иностранных дел РФ; Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs




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