Philosophical problems during a post-modern epochs

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In paper results of development of philosophy in the XX-th century and position of modern philosophy after a postmodern reveal. It is noticed that today there are active discussions on various “post” in general: the post-structuralism, a postmodernism, postmodernist divinity, Post Marxism, post-essencialism, etc. All these “post” terms function as consecutive markers, designating that follows after a modernist style. The postmodernist calls for new categories, ways of thought and the letter, values and a policy to overcome deficiencies of modern discourses and methods. Influence of a postmodern on spheres management and education business is shown. Conceptual defects of postmodernist constructions are specified. Changes of problems of philosophy, its value and the status to beginning XXI of a century are opened.

A S Kolesnikov
Institute of Philosophy The St.-Petersburg State University

Department of History philosophy

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