Postcontinental Philosophy: Post- and Neometaphysical Turn

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The article considers the main concepts, ideas and assumptions of the postcontinental largely non-Western philosophy as a philosophy after continentality — the main divisive principle of rationality, thinking and subjectivity in modernity. This philosophy overcoming the continental (European) thinking is regarded vis-à-vis the postmetaphysical trend in contemporary humanities as a whole and the tendencies of metaphysical revival in relatively new forms. The author dwells at such elements and methodological features of postcontinental philosophy as decolonial phenomenology, a shift in the geography of reason, an accent on spatial histories and rehabilitation of space instead of the previous totality of time, rethinking of the correlation between human being, existence and thinking through the concepts of geopolitics and body-politics of knowledge and a distinction between reason and rationality.

M V Tlostanova

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Department of Philosophy


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