Aporias of John Wyclif's Realistic Hermeneutics

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The axis of the publication is the impact of the late medieval logical and metaphysical theories upon the hermeneutical methodology in the exegetical practice of one of the most prominent Biblical scholars of that period - John Wyclif (1320/1324-1384), his opponents and predecessors. One of the major conclusions drawn in the article is that the late medieval interpretation of the biblical allegory as a predicative relation demonstrates the pertinence of the 14th century exegetical writings analysis in the context of the pivotal problem of the 20th century logic - the problem of the interplay between ontology and the logical analysis of language (B. Russell, G. Frege, etc.).

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P V Sokolov

The State University - Higher School of Economics

Email: hse@hse.ru <mailto:hse@hse.ru>
Институт гуманитарных историко-теоретических исследований; Государственный университет - Высшая школа экономики; The State University - Higher School of Economics




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