High-Energetic Radiation from Gas Discharge Associated with the Maximum Rate of Current Change

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The X-ray and gamma-ray radiation was registered in the moments of the maximum speed of current change (10 kA/ns) in the gas discharge tube. The collision of relativistic electrons with Krypton (Kr) and Xenon (Xe) as with metal vapor in the plasma discharge can intensify the X-ray emission due to their bigger atomic charge. Due to the freezing of heavy water in the cloud ice particles the concentration of Deuterium in them will be significantly higher then in water vapor. The neutrons (2.45 MeV) and high energy protons (3.02 MeV) from lightning and thunderstorm can be produced in D–D nuclear fusion reactions. The high-energetic radiation from lightning and thunderstorm can be associated bought with proton capture and neutron capture. The fast neutrons should be slowdown to the thermal neutrons in the reaction of type ( n,n). The photon energies in gamma-ray spectrum can rise up to 19.8 MeV. The X-ray and gamma-ray signatures from lightning can be explained due to the Compton scattering effect. The observation of the long period gamma ray radiation during the thunderstorm can be due to the decay of isotopes.

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L V Sorokin

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

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