Neutrino Charge with its Gauge Field as a New Physical Base for New Models of Solar Activity and the All Totality of Phenomena Associated with Supernovae Explosions, Forming of Pulsars and their Following Evolution

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The neutrino charge with its gauge field introduced in [Kopysov Yu. S., Stozhkov Yu. I., Korolkov D. N. (2001)] for the purpose of decreasing counting rates in solar neutrino detectors generates a lot of new phenomena in astrophysical objects. The physics of the new phenomena is determined by the value of the neutrino charge eν which carriers are neutrinos, quarks and neutrons, and also by almost degenerate neutrino condensate in substance of macroscopic objects. It is shown that the strongest restriction on the value of eν can be obtained by a method of thermal balance of the Sun developed in [Domogatsky G. V. (1968)]. The new interaction generated by a new gauge (“neutromagnetic”) field, gives rise to the neutrino Dirac’s magnetic moment of new type. Restriction on its value at the obtained restrictions on eν is only 2 ÷ 3 orders of magnitude lower than the electronic Bohr magneton and on many orders of magnitude exceeds all possible estimates of the traditional anomalous neutrino magnetic moment! The new scenario of formation of solar activity at which new interaction can play a key role is offered. The new model assumes two-story structure of a convective zone: external with the developed thermal convection and internal — the solar troposphere, — in which under the influence of tidal forces of planets whirls like a tornado of the terrestrial troposphere are formed. In these whirlwinds magnetic fields of the new (neutromagnetic) type are generated which interaction with substance generates also usual magnetic fields. The new class of the phenomena arises due to inclusion of the neutrino charge into the theory of collapsing and neutronizing stars. New opportunities for solving old problems are being opened on this pathway. In this regard it is desirable to have theoretical justification of need of introduction of the neutrino charge. In this work the problem of extension of the standard unified model of electroweak interaction by means of inclusion of the second charge in the right sector of extended model is put forward. The possible solution of this problem is planned.

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Yu S Kopysov

Instutute of Nuclear Research of RAS





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