Research of the Reliability of a Homogeneous Redundant Warm Standby System in a Random Environment

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This paper investigates the influence of randomness of the environment on the reliability of work of technical systems and extends research of the previous paper to the case of the warm redundant standby. A short review of the papers devoted to the queueing systems operating in random environments is cited. A general Markov model of the reliability of a system operating in Markov random environment is proposed. Differential equations for the time dependent state probabilities of such a system and appropriate formulas for the stationary and non-stationary its reliability characteristics is given. An expression for the moment generation function and appropriate moments of the system life time are given. For the purpose of influence of environmental variability on the system reliability characteristics some parameter c is introdeced, which indicates the influence of variability on the intensity of failures and recoveries of elements in different states of the environment. With using a specially developed software module in the environment MATLAB the numerical study and comparison of the reliability characteristics of the warm redundancy two-units system, operating in a stable and random environments with two states are conducted. Results of the numerical investigation, presented in the form of tables and graphs show both similarities and differences in the systems in a random and stable environments.

Anh Nghia Tran

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Department


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