Thymus and stress in the clinical history and experiment

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This article is dedicated to the problem of interaction between the nervous, the endocrine and immune systems based on the literature review and the author's data. Meanwhile, thymus is considered to be not only from the viewpoint of performance of the immune system, but also as the endocrine glandular making neuroimmunoendocrine interactions possible. Tactivine being a polypeptide thymus medicine impacts not only on the immune system but also displays detoxicating, mnemotropic and stress-protecting effects.

L G Kuz'menko

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Кафедра детских болезней; Российский университет дружбы народов; Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

N M Kiseleva

Russian State Medical University

Кафедра фармакологии; Российский государственный медицинский университет; Russian State Medical University


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