Complex research of alcohol products consumption and its consequences for health of population of the Rostov region

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Deficit of information, characterizing alcoholic situation, dictates necessity of perfection of information fund data, characterizing alcoholic situation. Examination of the alcohol consumption was conducted by casual selection of the population at the age of 18-75 years in 11 cities and 26 rural districts of the Rostov region. The examination showed, that actually the women consumer less alcohol, than the men. Among the women prevail occasionally drinking - 65,9%, but among the men-systematically drinking - 23,6%. Age dynamics of the amount of consumed alcohol was disclosed. The consumption of alcohol drinks in general by selection makes up 15,6 g, calculated on basis of pure ethanol with big fluctuations, for the men - the present index makes up 30,2 g, but for the women - 7,3 g. 17% of the adult population of the Rostov region are involved into dangerous for health and life consumption of alcohol. The similar complex system of information collection, its analysis may be considered as scientifically justified technology of monitoring, providing the institutions of Russian consumer supervision institution with hygienic information, relating to consumption of alcoholic beverage by the population of the Rostov region.

About the authors

S P Alekseenko

Center of hygiene and epidemiology in the Rostov region

Отделение гигиены питания и гигиены детей и подростков; Центр гигиены и эпидемиологии в Ростовской области; Center of hygiene and epidemiology in the Rostov region




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