The features of collective and personal stressful psychotherapy of hysterical neurosis, hysteria, hysterical psychopathology

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Hysterical syndrome in the case of neurosis of different genesis and hysteria, which is resulting from gene and also the hysterical psychopathology are still not assured as curable using the medicament therapy. Moreover there is tendency towards growth of hysterical symptomatology because of the urbanization of society, modernization and computerization of production, ecological and radiation trouble, which affect on moral and psychophysical stresses (which are also stress factors).
Clinic of hysteria and hysterical neurosis in the case of assaults as the consequence is less painful when it's with ornate and demonstrative symptomatology together with behavioral shamelessness and also when it's with not motivated aggression towards human and towards itself (suicides with deliberately low dose of toxic preparation, i.e. false attempts of suicide).
In this investigation we have listed the materials with 5 year experience where we tried to find the most effective tactics of psychotherapeutic correction and rehabilitation. Also we have analyzed the mechanisms and specificity of correction results.

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L V Serebrennikova

RNC of restoration medicine and balneology of Roszdrav

Клиническая лаборатория психобиофизической коррекциифункционального состояния организма человека; РНЦ восстановительной медицины и курортологии Росздрава; RNC of restoration medicine and balneology of Roszdrav

E I Kajdan




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