An oxide of nitrogen (NO) is a biochemical inflammation marker of chronic abacterial prostatitis/syndrome of chronic pelvic pain (CAP/CPPS IIIA)

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A research purpose was an estimation of NO products by phagocyting leucocytes in blood, prostate secretion and ejaculate of patients of CAP/CPPS IIIA. 36 patients with the set diagnosis of CAP/CPPS IIIA (1 group) were tested and examined. Group of comparison made up 32 patients with CPPS IIIB (2 group). A control group is 17 healthy men. In group 2 the decline of nitrogen oxide of inducible NO synthase (INOS) production on 26,86% (p < 0,05) in blood were noticed, otherwise in Group1 the increase on 53,26% (p < 0,05) if compared to the control was noticed. In secretion of prostate and ejaculate an increase (iNOS) on 38,9% (p < 0,05) and 54,90% (p < 0,05) higher similar indexes in a the control group was marked. In group 2 the iNOS activity in prostate secretion and ejaculate did not differ from the control.
The results of our research showed that increase of NO products by leucocytes in blood, secretion of prostate and ejaculate are the biochemical inflammatory defeat marker of prostate at CAP/CPPS IIIA.

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А V Shangichev

Rostov State Medical University

Кафедра урологии; Ростовский государственный медицинский университет; Rostov State Medical University




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